Acupuncture enhances health, restores energy and guides the body back toward balance. In my practice, I combine acupuncture with light massage and craniosacral therapy to address a wide range of issues that arise during the childbearing years.

I have a particular interest in supporting parents who experience anxiety, depression and postpartum mood disorders. The “perinatal period” (pregnancy through the first 2 years of baby’s life) can be an emotionally vulnerable time. The combination of stress, sleep interruption, hormonal fluctuation and major life change catches many parents off guard. It is not uncommon for parents to feel locked in a state of “fight or flight,” with symptoms such as racing thoughts, constant worry, hot flashes, sense of dread, nausea, dizziness, and changes in appetite.

Fortunately, these symptoms are highly treatable. Acupuncture and craniosacral therapy can facilitate a world of change for parents who find themselves struggling. Timely treatment helps recalibrate the nervous system, helping parents to heal from childbirth, integrate the postpartum experience and move forward. Parenting is never “easy,” but it is way more enjoyable when we feel safe, comfortable and grounded in our own bodies. The whole family benefits when parents reach out and receive focussed attention just for themselves.

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